Mary Chantrill

My husband and I first met Chris Mason in 2000. He was referred to us by a contact who knew him. We were immediately impressed by his knowledge and decided to transfer all our RRSP accounts to him. From that time on we met regularly and trusted his advice. Indeed it was good as our account grew steadily over the intervening years!

Things changed drastically on September 15, 2018 when my husband was tragically killed instantly in a road accident. Even though we had always shared financial matters, suddenly I alone had to turn to someone I could trust to help me navigate all the financial implications of suddenly being a widow. There was only one person who I knew I could trust and that was Chris… and that he did. He guided me through the process of transferring joint accounts to my name and how to minimize the tax implications. I have now transferred ALL my financial holdings to Chris as I feel he has my best interest at heart. Also, estate planning is now of prime importance to me and again I have turned to Chris who has developed the expertise to guide me.

Most important in a financial advisor is TRUST and that’s what I have in Chris. Highly, highly recommended.

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